Relationship Additional Charges Spain – Cars and Vans

Information on prepaid rates

  • Modification of the reservation

Prior to the start of the rental and one hour in advance, modifications may be made for which the tenant will be taxed with an amount corresponding to the modification charge (€ 29.99). The price to be applied after the modification of the reservation will be that of the rate in force at the time of the change. No refund will be made of the amount already paid/prepaid in case of a price difference.

  • Cancellation The reservation can be canceled before the start of the rental by post, fax or email. In case of cancellation, the amount paid in advance will be refunded, deducting the cancellation charge that amounts to the first three days of rental, including extras and fees. In case the duration of the reservation is less than three days, no amount will be paid.

The cancellations should be addressed to: Grup Fauria S.L Avenida Vidreres nº3 Lloret de Mar 17310 (GIRONA) Spain.   Tel: +34 637 840 849, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • No collection

 By not picking up the vehicle at the agreed time, the amount that had been paid in advance will be retained.



Age provisions

In Spain, the following rules govern the minimum age and the possession of a driving licence:

21 years/ 2 years for vehicles of the ECONOMIC SMALL MEDIUM INDUSTRIAL groups

25 years / 3 years for vehicles of the SUV AND PREMIUM groups.

Drivers under the age of 23 are charged an additional charge in the amount of EUR 20.49 for 1 day and EUR 209.99 per month.



Delivery and pick-up service during and outside opening hours

This delivery/pick-up service is available on request at your Rent a Car Costa Brava office.

For this service you can bill an additional charge to consult your office.


Rental service outside office hours

This service is available on request at your Rent a Car Costa Brava office.

An additional charge of EUR 63.99 applies to all bookings/rentals made outside opening hours.



Additional equipment


1 day

7 days


Baby seat (0-13kg/group 0+)




Child seat (0-10 kg,9-18 kg/Group 0/1)




Booster seat (15-36 kg/Group 2/3)




Navigation system





Additional equipment is reserved without obligation and is received according to availability.

Loss or breakage of accessories or additional equipment


Vehicle key

Damage caused

Emergency triangle


Reflective Vest


Entire Navigation System


Cable system power network and / or USB


Vehicle Parts

By piece

Baby seat, child, booster seat



Refueling of the tank

The lessee must return the fuel tank in the same condition in which he received it. If not, we will take care of refueling the deposit of your vehicle after returning it. The refuelling charge shall include both the cost of litres of fuel at the market price that actually need to be refuelled and the refuelling management charge. The charge for refueling management amounts to 32.06 Euros.

The erroneous refueling of the fuel tanks implies an additional charge to the lessee whose amount will vary depending on the damage caused. In leases provided with AdBlue deposit, the lessee is responsible for the maintenance of the sufficiently full tank, responding to the damages caused by the breach of this obligation by paying an additional charge whose amount will vary depending on the damage caused.

Administrative charge for managing fines

The standard charge for the management of each sanctioning file instructed by the competent authority during the rental period of the vehicle will be EUR 39.00.

Administrative fee for management of damage files / Photo-appraisal fee

Except for the exceptions regulated in clause E.1.12 of the General Rental Conditions, the amount of the administrative charge for the management of damage files amounts to EUR 44.77 for damage. In case of management of damage files that have been declared as total loss, the administrative charge for file management will amount to EUR 100,43. The amount of the charge for photo-appraisal of the damage caused amounts to EUR 16,94.

Penalty for non-return of vehicles in long-term rentals

 In rentals from 28 days of rental, if the vehicle is not returned on the date indicated in the rental contract or for exceeding by more than 100 kilometers the maximum mileage indicated in the rental contract, the penalty amounts to 605.00 EUR for each contravention.

Charge for delivery of replacement vehicle during the lease in case of negligence of the lessee

In case the lessee needs a replacement vehicle during the duration of the rental period signed in the contract, whatever it may be, he will proceed to pay EUR 309.00 as long as the need for this vehicle is caused by negligence of the lessee and especially in case of erroneous refueling and loss of vehicle key. Additionally, there could be associated crane charges that would be claimed by the Damage Department and would amount to EUR 1.20 per kilometer of travel from the place where the vehicle is located to the nearest office of Grup Fauria or the nearest concerted workshop of Grup Fauria in Catalonia.

Roadside assistance charge

If the roadside assistance is motivated by a mechanical failure not attributable to a negligent act on the part of the lessee, regardless of the contracting or not of coverage according to clause G of the General Rental Conditions, the lessee will not assume any cost for the roadside assistance service.

The lessee will be billed a charge for roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown in wheels and / or glass if he has not contracted in FULL INSURANCE and it is necessary to tow the vehicle.

In breakdowns not related to wheels and / or glass, the lessee will be charged for roadside assistance as long as he has not contracted the coverage of reduction of excess limitation or FULL INSURANCE and the vehicle will need to be towed.

The cost of the roadside assistance towing charge amounts to EUR 1,20 per kilometre travelled, up to a maximum amount of EUR 500, as applicable, or you have made prohibited or negligent use of the vehicle.

When the fault is solved "on site", without the need to tow the vehicle, the service charge amounts to EUR 40.